White Mountain Regional Medical Center Surgical Providers and Specialties


Christine Jackson, MD
(Ph) (928)333-7333
(Fx) (928)333-7157

Patients seen in Round Valley. Evaluate, Cardioversion.

General Surgeon

Dr. Anthony Greco, MD
(Ph) (928)532-5463 or (928)333-7333
(Fx) (928)537-4541

Provide General Surgery care for both inpatient and outpatient for example ( Pace Makers, Hernia repair ect). Both Dr's also provide Endoscopy which includes upper scopes (EGD), and Colonoscopy. Your patients can be seen in the specialty clinic In Springerville for evaluation.

Endoscopy/lnternal Medicine

Dr. Scott Hamblin
(Ph) (928)333-5333
(Fx) (928)333-5100

Provides Endoscopy care including upper scopes (EGD) and Colonoscopy patients can be seen in his Springerville office and cases are done weekly.


Robert Mahanti, MD
(Ph) (928)779-7000

Patients can be seen in Round Valley for eye care appointment Provides surgery for Cataracts, Blephroplasty and more.


Ryan Hall, DPM
(Ph) (928)532-5227


Carla Rotering, MD
(Ph) (928)333-7333
(Fx) (928)333-7157

Complete pulmonary evaluation and care which includes Bronchoscopy. Patients can be seen in Specialty Clinic.
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