WMRMC's Mission


White Mountain Regional Medical Center -
providing affordable, high quality care in our community.

White Mountain Regional Medical Center will provide caring services and operate on a financially sound basis to ensure its continuing ability to meet the needs of patients and the communities it serves.

The Board of Directors and leadership of White Mountain Regional Medical Center recognize the importance of healthcare as a service essential for the well-being of people in the region and as an important part of the community's economy.

As a community organization the facility plays a vital role in providing services essential to the quality of life for people in Apache County, Arizona and Catron County, New Mexico.

The organization is also a significant employer providing approximately one hundred jobs which support directly and indirectly approximately four hundred people and has a value to the community of about three million dollars annually.
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White Mountain Regional Medical Center


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118 South Mountain Avenue
Springerville, Arizona 85938

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