Sleep Diagnostic Center

White Mountain Regional Medical Center's new state-of-the-art Sleep Diagnostic Center; staffed with polysomnographic technologists with access to registered nurses and respiratory therapists. This new service will allow patients to have sleep testing without traveling long distances; have the results from their studies completed at the Medical Center; with quick turn around of results to local primary care providers.

Sleep disorders are common effecting as much as 35% of the adult population and they have a negative impact on personal health, productivity and quality of life. Healthy sleep is not merely "Time Out" from daily life. It is an active state essential for mental and physical restoration.

The following procedures are being performed at WMRMC:

Bi-level PAP
Supplemental O2
Multiple Sleep Latency
Maintenance of wakefulness tests
Monitoring for heart rhythm
Periodic leg movements
Rapid Eye Movement (REM) behavior
Nocturnal Seizures
Electroencephalography (EEG)
Sleep Apnea

Discuss your sleep problems with your primary care provider to determine if a sleep study is in your best interest. The Sleep Diagnostic Center provides a pleasant atmosphere in which patients can feel comfortable with their surrounds, as well as with the procedures. Regardless of your disorder or treatment, the caring staff at the WMRMC's Sleep Diagnostic Center will work closely with you and your primary care doctor to help you get a good night sleep.
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